"Your hurt brought me to places I'd never know, and to people I'd never have met."

"Infinity Project: Vortex'D" is a fantasy, sci-fi RPG created and developed by the artist known as NEnd (NEndTV).

A story over a decade in the making, "-Infinity Project-" is a multigenre series which tracks the lives of a wide cast of characters in their journey to find a place to exist.

In "Vortex'D", a war of conquest is brought to a pause due to the emergence of a third, common enemy that seeks to claim the whole world.

Sent to this world by a mysterious vortex in the sky, young Toby will have to solve the world's crisis on his way to get back home.

Recruit over 60 optional allies in a unique party system. Explore a continent aloft the clouds. Choose your paths wisely.