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Edgy edgelord who is cool.

Once upon a time, the streamer known as "Nend" was just a normal human. (Hey! I still am!)
Now he's become cursed by a strange entity! Everything about him has become all spikey and he's got these weird goopy tendrils that show up from time to time. That, and the feeling of looming dread he can't seem to shake off.

Despite his curse, he doesn't let anything slow him down! Hunting for rare treasures, artifacts, collectibles; if it's out there he'll find it! Over the years Nend has collected a lot of things, most importantly he's collected the thoughts and feelings of many people who have touched him. These grand emotions, along with his other treasures, are something he wants to share with the world!

Nend has tried many ways to share these treasures and is always trying to find and improve upon more. Game development, storytelling, character design, digital art, pixel animation, cosplay, video production, streaming, stage & voice acting, music & dance, Nend has tried them all! Whatever way he can express himself he wants to do so to his fullest!

The Bad Grin Company is a guild, of sorts, that he created. If you're chasing after something, be it possible or impossible, why not join the party and look for your treasure with us?

LIKES: Udon noodles, spicy foods, rare items, JRPGs, Ad*das apparel
DISLIKES: Failure, days that go by too fast, missing out on stuff, coconut

"OkAy BuT wHy ShOuLd I sUbScRiBe?"