Residents of the Nameless City

"...Do you like this city?"

Nazo Yugure

A 17 year old student and twin brother of Titus. Despite his calm appearance, he's actually quite the punk.

Miyoshi Sato

A 17 year old student and baseball fan. Her hobbies include visiting the batting cages and watching old samurai films.

Titus Yugure

A 17 year old student and twin brother of Nazo. Regardless of his tough nature, he's actually quite nice.


A young woman with an odd obsession for Nazo. She's armed with twin pistols and otherworldly athletic ability.

Chie Kogu

A strange girl who calls herself a "Particlist". Supposedly she is from a wealthy family, although her sense of humor is far from rich.

Rin & Jun

A pair of eccentric siblings that don't seem to have a real home. Older brother Rin isn't the best influence on younger sister Jun but does his best to raise her alone.

Zane Takagi

The current sole Captain of the Nameless Army's day patrol. A towering man who stands his ground in political and martial warfare.


The Black Demon Fox who calls Nazo his prey. A being of great Power who seems to always hunger for more; never to be satisfied.


Donning a dingy, old trench coat, he seeks to fulfil his "mission" by following the clues in a certain book of his. Very blunt, much like the large metal case he carries on his back.